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Post-NADA Part 1

By: Kristen C., Marketing Coordinator

The Automotive Marketing Gurus® (AMG) team is back again from yet another conference. Five of our team members spent last week at the 2022 NADA Show in Las Vegas probing and learning about new services and products to bring exposure to our dealer partners. While they sat in and listened to many workshops and sessions, we pulled together a few of our most memorable recollections that we are certain will benefit you and your dealership.

While at NADA, something that we found especially insightful was implementing a mentor technician program in the dealership’s service department! This would simply mean partnering up with local tech schools in order to find qualified candidates and selecting a champion within your store, who is dedicated to working with entry level technicians. The champion would work closely with the entry level techs, guiding, training and serving as a resource, ultimately “graduating” them from the program. In exchange for their time, you can offer the champion an incentive that is applicable for you and your store. The point of this program is to keep it in house and to grow and scale your current team of technicians! We believe this level of involvement can be incredibly rewarding!

As internal processes become more automated and efficient, why not give your BDC the same tools? At NADA, we learned about a company who offers a calling system powered by an automated program that is sure to take your BDC to the next level. Companies like Volie, work by providing a built in data manager that pushes activity into the DMS and CRM, increasing productivity by eliminating manual management and making communication with customers easier with just one click from inside their program. It helps save an enormous amount of time that is usually spent on dialing. We believe adopting this process can allow your BDC to work more efficiently on their craft and boost profitability.

The amount of calls a dealership gets per day for service can be extremely overwhelming and customers do not always get the assistance they need right away. Why not avoid the chances of a bad review, decrease the amount of hold times and improve a customer’s experience at a low cost? Companies like Brook AI provide a digital voice assistant who can answer frequently asked questions and schedule service appointments based on the needs of the customer while integrating the dealership’s policies.

There’s nothing worse than showing up to work to realize a vehicle has been stolen off of the lot. It’s stressful and costs a lot of time and money. What if we said there were companies that can help ease some of that worry and give peace of mind? Companies like Lojack are able to make the vehicles on your lot more secure and they are the only stolen vehicle recovery system integrated with law enforcement. Lojack is able to equip your vehicles with the latest and greatest GPS technology that allows you to track a stolen vehicle with a 92% recovery rate.

If you are looking to learn more about the mentor technician program, automated BDC programs, online scheduling tools for service or location and theft recovery systems, please reach out to our team!

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Jonathan Thompson, Lead Guru | CEO email:

*Automotive Marketing Gurus® is not compensated for referencing these companies and their products. While there are other companies that provide similar services, AMG is solely providing resources based on our exposure at NADA.*

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