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The Automotive Marketing Gurus Story

Let's Change the Perception & Enhance the Experience of Automotive Retail

After working in retail automotive and automotive marketing & technology since 2002, I developed a passion for helping others succeed, and fell in love with marketing and the automotive industry.

I quickly found that many have forgot that the PEOPLE who work and shop at dealerships are not just dealers or leads, they are PEOPLE. Conversely, that vendor partners are not just vendors, they are PEOPLE.

I also found that as dealerships immediately recognize the need to have a dedicated resource to lead sales, parts, and service departments, that a dedicated resource to one of the biggest items on a balance sheet (Marketing) in many cases does not have a dedicated resource or leader.  A resource that is empowered with technology.  A resource that is properly led, trained, and compensated for the work they do. A resource that is not asked to lead revenue,  a BDC team, internet leads, or one that is asked to help fix the printer or help someone set up their email...

In 2020, I decided to build a platform and process to support our dealers and vendor partners.  One that educates, protects and supports them with their investments of time and money towards marketing - for both dealership and vendor personnel.  I want to MOTIVATE current marketing team members to be the best they can be, create an environment to COLLABORATE faster and easier with team members, and be an extension of a dealership's marketing EXECUTION.

We believe that by decreasing time and money dedicated to marketing, and shifting those investments to changing perceptions of the experience in automotive retail to a positive one: a perception where PEOPLE want to work at, shop at, and partner with organizations in automotive.  More focus on PEOPLE, PROCESS & PROFITS.

Jonathan Thompson

CEO | Founder

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