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2024 Post-NADA Conference

By: Jamie Szczecina

Our team of gurus is back from yet another successful NADA Conference! We are here to share our key takeaways that bring forth a wealth of insights, transforming the way dealerships approach success. Take a look at what great information the educational workshops and speakers brought us!

Leadership Trumps Tools

Effective leadership stands as the cornerstone of dealership success. While tools and technology play a pivotal role, it's the strength of leadership that truly unlocks the full potential of your team and resources.

Post-Purchase Customer Care

The journey doesn't end with a sale; it begins a new chapter in customer care. Explore the significance of maintaining relationships post-purchase, shedding light on service offerings like tire services and unplanned repairs that customers may not be fully aware of. For instance, dealerships may offer extended warranties or service packages that cover routine maintenance and repairs beyond the manufacturer's warranty period, providing customers with added peace of mind and convenience. These gestures of customer care help foster trust and loyalty, encouraging customers to return to the dealership for future automotive needs.

Social Media Content Strategy

Drawing inspiration from Instagram's Car Mom dive into the art of social media content creation. Align your strategy with the 4 Es - Educate, Empower, Entertain, and Engage - to build connections that go beyond mere product showcases, making your dealership a compelling presence in the digital landscape.

Employee Recognition and Growth

Shift the focus from internal competition to celebrating individual employee achievements by incentivizing employees for their growing successes and/or giving recognition at meetings and in newsletters. This can include even the small wins. Advocate for a culture that encourages personal growth and improvement, fostering a positive and collaborative team environment. 

Using Video as a Competitive Edge

Unleash the power of video content to differentiate your dealership from competitors. Showcase your unique offerings and connect dynamically with your audience, leveraging the visual medium to leave a lasting impression while creating engagement. When creating content on social media it is imperative to build content others want to see, not just purchases and holidays. All good social content should hit one or more of the 4 Es - Educate, Empower, Entertain, or Engage. Having engagement means more than having followers. 

Thank You Cards and Employee Benefits

Explore the profound effects of expressing gratitude through personalized thank-you cards for recruiting employees. Showing appreciation for another employee’s work ethic can make them feel special and interested in what else your workplace has to offer. Uncover the intricacies of how these small yet meaningful gestures that show admiration for things like great customer service play a pivotal role in fostering a warm and appreciative work environment. Illustrate the tangible benefits as these cards not only exemplify the kind of dedication and hard work your dealership strives for, but also serve as powerful motivators, reinforcing a sense of value and belonging. 

Emergency Labor Rates

In dealerships, the concept of an emergency labor rate is pivotal, particularly when customers require swift repairs for their vehicles. This priority service ensures that customers' cars are swiftly attended to, acknowledging the urgency of their needs. By implementing an emergency labor rate, customers are placed at the forefront of the service queue, ensuring that their vehicles receive immediate attention from multiple technicians if necessary. Dealerships may opt to compensate technicians with overtime pay for after-hour repairs, guaranteeing a prompt resolution to urgent issues even outside regular business hours. Additionally, the utilization of a higher labor rate during emergencies reflects the expedited and specialized service provided, compensating for the immediate attention and expertise required to address critical vehicle issues.

Dynamic “Teachable” Overlays

Dynamic "teachable" overlays represent a cutting-edge approach to enhancing customer engagement and streamlining operations within dealerships. These overlays, tailored to various scenarios, serve as invaluable tools for dealership staff to efficiently manage inventory and sales processes. Whether it's marking a vehicle as a new arrival, indicating its availability for sale, or flagging it as pending sale, these overlays provide real-time visibility into the status of each vehicle on the lot. Moreover, custom overlays cater to specific dealership needs, allowing for personalized branding or third-party marketplace integration. By leveraging dynamic "teachable" overlays, dealerships can optimize their workflow, improve customer service, and ultimately drive greater success in the competitive automotive market.

Leadership vs. Management

Recognize the complementary roles of leadership and management within a dealership. The use of all the tools, widgets, AI, and more is good, but the absence of impactful leadership to inspire and drive your team may impede the realization of your full potential. Understand how a balanced approach to both is essential for achieving overall success.

Philanthropy and Workplace Culture

Explore the positive impact of philanthropy on workplace culture such as  sponsoring educational programs or contributing to environmental conservation efforts. By showcasing these philanthropic endeavors within your dealership, employees are likely to feel a sense of pride and purpose, fostering a positive workplace culture. Moreover, potential customers, aligning with the dealership's commitment to social causes, may be more inclined to choose your business over competitors, recognizing a shared value system.

Consistent Company Culture

Emphasize the paramount importance of a consistent, clear, and concise company culture. Recognize that workplace culture is as vital as operational processes for the dealership's overall success. A workplace where every employee is not only aware of the company’s values, but also actively embodying them is one that will strive. The result of this is a cohesive and motivated team, demonstrating that strong company culture is as crucial to the dealership’s success as efficient operational processes.

Incorporating these insights into your dealership's strategy can pave the way for sustained growth, enhanced customer satisfaction, and a thriving workplace culture. Elevate your game, and watch your dealership reach new heights of success!

If you are looking to learn more about what we have learned from NADA and how to take advantage of these key takeaways, please reach out to our team!

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