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People On the Move: Jonathan Thompson

By: Kristen C., Marketing Coordinator

Jonathan Thompson has been in the Automotive industry for over 20 years. He’s held many roles that have molded and prepared him for where he is today as CEO of Automotive Marketing Gurus (AMG).

Thompson began his career as a call center customer service representative at DirecTV allowing him to clearly comprehend the connection between technology and communication to create a great customer experience. He later transitioned into a bit of a different role that ultimately kickstarted his automotive experience; working directly in the automotive industry at a Honda Kia Mitsubishi dealership where he discovered a passion for working with people and this elaborate industry. Once he got a grasp on the internal process of working in a dealership, he progressed into the vendor side of things. He played an essential role in the creation of the EasyCare Special Owner Services division at EasyCare. This provided him with an opportunity to build something from the ground up and grow it. And from there, he accepted a position as Vice President of Force Marketing where he led retention and growth efforts for 175 dealerships across the country and managed 20 million dollars a year in budgets.

“I have always been motivated to give more than what is asked of me. During my time at Force, there were consultative, analytical projects I would personally handle. Something we could have charged for, but I felt a desire to support our dealerships, not just as clients, but as friends that were business owners. Those projects taught me that this was a space that required talent and experience,” stated Thompson.

Thompson’s many years of experience in the Automotive industry, working on all sides, allowed him to truly identify what it was he wanted to be doing; helping dealers save time and money by advocating for them and helping guide, protect and ensure execution of their marketing investments. In 2020, he put his passion into action and launched AMG.

Every day, Thompson leads his team of Gurus and motivates them to be the best they can be. All the while learning new knowledge where he turns to ClubHouse, a social audio app containing brilliant individuals in the Automotive industry. Thompson always says “If you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing;” something he lives by.

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