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AMG Reaches Growth Milestone

Contact: Jonathan Thompson

Phone: 229-292-3476


Atlanta, GA (February 28, 2022) - Automotive Marketing Gurus (AMG), provider of streamlined technology using their MOJO partner platform, has continued to make a name for itself in the automotive marketing industry, since November 2020. Since the launch, they have built a team of educated professionals, acquired a great number of clients and formed relationships with vendors who trust their process.

“As I reflect on our shared success, it is important to note that although we are DRIVEN by TECHNOLOGY, we are POWERED by PEOPLE,” stated Jonathan Thompson, CEO and President of AMG.

They currently have a team of ten employees who come from all automotive backgrounds, whether that be the agency side or the dealership side. Each team member brings knowledge and their own set of skills to the table to help AMG provide premier services.

“While working at Cox Automotive, I was always learning about new services and products they had to offer and how those products were helping dealers. This knowledge base aided me to hit the ground running as a Marketing Director by knowing how to successfully incorporate various products and strategies to help our dealer partners perform at their very best. I am able to help my dealers spend less time and money on marketing because I am overly confident that we have this handled!,” stated Nate Durick, Marketing Director.

At this point, they have secured 50 clients across the nation; single rooftops and multi-dealer groups. Their main objective is to help dealer partners spend less time and money on marketing, so they can focus more on their people, process and profits. They are solving real problems by removing wasted focus on marketing spend and time, allowing the core focus to be improving the experience, culture and perception of the retail automotive industry.

Over the last year, they have built relationships with over 50 vendors who trust the process and agree to work alongside the team to assist dealer partners. Each one has adopted the MOJO platform and process and have expressed the value behind it on more than one occasion.

“The dealers, their personnel, vendor marketing partners, and of course our great team at AMG are all collaborating to a degree that I haven't seen in my near 20 years in automotive,” stated Thompson.

2021 was a year of growth for AMG and they have some revolutionary technology in the works for 2022. Stay tuned for more details!

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