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Automotive Marketing Gurus Press Release

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Automotive Marketing Stream-lined by Technology

by Kristen C., Marketing Coordinator

Atlanta, Ga (August 18, 2021) - In November 2020, Jonathan Thompson launched Automotive Marketing Gurus (AMG) after earning more than 18 years of experience in the automotive marketing industry. Eight months later, AMG has completely disrupted the industry, acquiring at least 15-20% growth each month working with single rooftops and multi-point dealer groups.

Since the launch, AMG has successfully partnered with nearly 40 dealerships within seven dealer groups across the nation.

“Our team and technology, helps dealers, dealer groups, and marketing teams spend less time, and money on marketing so they can focus more on people, process and profits,” stated Thompson.

AMG’s technology and experience first approach, is built to support dealers and dealer groups who currently do not have an internal resource or would like to improve their current resources to manage and lead advertising efforts. And if a strong marketing team is already in place, and have a need to aggregate reporting, and improve overall execution - AMG provides technology and processes to enhance any automotive marketing team's efforts.

AMG employs highly qualified automotive marketing professionals, to name a few key players; Joe Hebert, Nate Durick, Alicia Brooks and Chris Kastens, who combine for over 30 years of experience in the marketing industry.

Hebert began his career at AMG in November 2020 as Director of Operations, while also working closely with several dealer groups as their Marketing Director. He joined the automotive industry in 2008 and has since held many positions from overseeing account managers to program developments. LinkedIn Page

Durick entered the automotive industry in 2013 when he started working for on a new inside advertising sales team. During this time, he was awarded President’s Club for two consecutive years for surpassing the yearly sales goal as well as awarded top five sales leaders at a National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) event in 2019. In March of 2021, Durick made the transition and joined AMG as a Marketing Director. LinkedIn Page

“After [mine and JT’s] first conversation, I was hooked and knew I wanted to be part of the AMG family. Anyone that knows JT, knows his passion and enthusiasm and to me it is contagious - he is not only a hard working and intelligent individual, but what he brings to the table as a leader, boss and friend pushes me to be better!,” stated Durick.

Brooks has been in the marketing industry for 15 years and nine of those were spent working in all areas of automotive advertising. She joined AMG as a Marketing Director in April 2021. LinkedIn Page

As the AMG clientele continues to grow, so does our team.

Chris Kastens, joins AMG as the Partnerships Manager with 4+ years of marketing and technology experience ranging in a variety of positions from marketing consultant to OEM relationship manager. LinkedIn Page

AMG was established with a mission; to be a trusted guru to automotive dealers.

“AMG’s attention to detail, commitment to our organization, accessibility, and follow through are all second to none. Our priorities truly become their priorities. When AMG was created, partnering was not even a question and they have exceeded our expectations in every area of concern. I could not recommend an organization any more highly than AMG,” stated Mike Cass, Chief Operating Officer of Riverside Vehicles |

AMG’s technology and process continues to impress, and fill a void of need for many independent dealerships, dealer groups and marketing teams - simplifying the alignment, management, and execution of all things marketing.

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