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Post-Digital Dealer: Part 2

By: Kristen C., Marketing Coordinator

The Automotive Marketing Gurus are back from another week of learning and growing at the Digital Dealer Conference in Las Vegas. We participated in various educational tracks that focused on dealer ops & leadership, sales strategy & variable ops, and marketing & advertising.

In PART TWO of our post-Digital Dealer blog, we will focus on IMPLEMENTING TikTok in your current marketing strategy, INTRODUCING a new metric in GA4, and IMPROVING your customer appreciation follow-up process 🤝.

At this point, everyone is pretty familiar with Tik Tok. And surprisingly, the age range of users is now 25-50. This means it is the perfect time to implement and execute this strategy within your current marketing plans. Given the broad age range, this strategy would allow you to serve all active consumers in all stages of the sales funnel. Similar to paid advertising on Facebook, you can implement paid advertising on Tik Tok to target consumers. These customizable ads allow you to choose your desired audience or audience(s) and add call-to-actions (CTAs) to drive traffic. This also allows you to convert users to your digital retailing tools on your dealership’s website. TikTok content is meant to be more fun and entertaining and less sales-focused, and it can be utilized in all departments. For sales, you can use this platform to showcase your top models and any luxurious features it contains. You can also showcase any warranties offered, and titles and awards your dealership has earned. For service, take advantage of the opportunity to let users know about seasonal maintenance they should be looking into for their vehicles.

We are very excited about a new metric added to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) accounts: active users over time. It can be found under “exploration” in GA4, a new name for reports. Active users are “users who are engaged on your site over a certain time period” (Burton, 2022). This can be one day, seven days, or 30 days. GA4 will then automatically collect their data and it will allow us to truly compare campaign performance and ensure campaign-based marketing and other changes to strategy are working properly. This is different from the standard Universal Analytics (UA) we all know because it focused on total users whereas GA4 is solely focused on Active Users.

There is nothing more important than thanking your customers for their business! What better way to do that than a handwritten letter? This may sound “old fashioned,” but a traditional thank you letter goes a long way with customers. You can even take it a step further by using this letter to solicit trade-in values and add service coupons for inactive and lost service customers. In addition, when you have VIP appointments and you are confirming the appointment the day before, ask what their favorite smoothie or type of coffee is and have it when they arrive! While at Digital Dealer, we learned of dealers who provide this amenity as well as those who pick up traveling customers' vehicles from the airport, service them, and then return them to the airport. It is essential to thank your customers for their business as well as go above and beyond to earn their business.

If you are looking to learn more about how to implement Tik Tok in your marketing strategy, track active users in GA4 or improve your customer appreciation follow-up process, please reach out to our team!

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Burton, C. (2022). Active Users in Google Analytics 4. DataDriven.

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