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A Day in the Life of a Marketing Director

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

By: Kristen C., Senior Marketing Coordinator

Ever wonder what “a day in the life” of a marketing director looks like at Automotive Marketing Gurus (AMG)? At AMG, we have five marketing directors: Nate Durick, Alicia Brooks, Chris Kastens, Taylor McConnell and George Jones. The goal of this month’s blog is to give you a little more insight into what these gurus do for not only AMG, but for our dealer clients and vendor partners.


Each of our marketing directors, who lead up to 12 dealership rooftops at most, are paired with a marketing coordinator to assist with all of the heavy lifting of leading and managing all things marketing so the dealer does not have to. As we all know, many companies and agencies OVERLOAD their team members with 30, 40, and sometimes account loads near 100 causing their performance to be subpar. AMG’s support model helps our dealers have solid contact, and provide vendor partners with an “extra” team to move things along. We are AHEAD and take care of things dealers may not even think about. This allows dealers to spend more time focusing on their people, processes, and profits. The designated marketing director and marketing coordinator are truly an extension of your team and are there to serve you and your dealership’s needs. With that being said, their primary focus is vendor collaboration and leadership. We are motivated by both the dealer's and vendor's success!


Our automotive-specific marketing directors spend their days communicating with vendor partners, reviewing data, revising strategies to fit the goals of the dealer, and ensuring their advertising is as efficient as possible. This is even more so important with the current changes in the economy and the automotive retail landscape - inventory, pricing, and interest rates as they seem to be moving back to Pre-Covid times.


In addition, they are ensuring all marketing efforts align across all platforms. This is so every campaign opportunity is being optimized for the best return on investment (ROI). In their spare time, they are staying up to speed on the latest and greatest marketing efforts by reading, listening to podcasts, and joining Clubhouse rooms to provide ideas, process changes, and strategies to help dealers stay ahead. They are able to take what they learn and implement it into your dealership’s strategies for the best results.

With each of our marketing directors having 12 rooftops or less, it allows them to optimize their time and ensure all stores are proactively being taken care of and truly receiving the Ritz Carlton experience! Marketing Director, Nate Durick, says one of his best strategies for staying up to speed on all of his dealerships is performing quick “2-minute” touches at the beginning of each week and proactively updating them with what we are doing for them that week. Other marketing directors said they block out time on their schedules to focus on each individual store. This allows them to do soft touches with each dealer to get a clear understanding of what they need assistance with.


When we asked each of our marketing directors why they enjoy their roles so much at AMG, they each said the same two things: our culture and the assistance they are able to provide their dealers with. Teamwork is an essential foundation at AMG. Each employee has years of experience in the automotive industry, in some shape or form. By combining each of our experience levels, we are able to lean on each other and determine the best solution that fits the needs of any dealer. This is a key component of how we were able to grow to 93 rooftops in such a short period. Each of our marketing directors genuinely love helping their dealers and seeing the impact they are making in the automotive industry.

Our marketing directors are key players in the success of AMG and your dealership. They work closely with vendors to ensure dealers are getting exactly what they pay for and strategize to ensure dealerships are receiving the best possible results. If you have any questions or are interested in joining the AMG team, please reach out.

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