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6 Questions Marketing Vendors Don't Want You to Ask

By: Jamie Szczecina

Choosing the right marketing vendor is a critical decision that can significantly impact your dealership's success. To make an informed choice, it's essential to ask tough questions and dig deeper into their capabilities and approach. However, some marketing vendors may try to avoid certain questions that could reveal potential shortcomings or lack of transparency. In this blog, we will explore six questions marketing vendors may not want you to ask and why it's important to inquire about them.

1. "Will you change your process for us?"

Every dealership has unique needs, and a cookie-cutter marketing approach rarely yields optimal results. Asking if a marketing vendor is willing to adapt their processes to suit your specific requirements can be uncomfortable for them. Some vendors may fear that customizing their approach for individual clients could lead to inefficiencies or extra work on their end.

A vendor that is open to modifying their process for your dealership demonstrates flexibility and a willingness to align their strategies with your goals. Avoiding this question may indicate a lack of adaptability or a vendor who prioritizes their convenience over your success.

Source: The Marketing Garage (

2. "Can you show me how your marketing results improve over time?"

Measuring the success of marketing campaigns is crucial to understanding their effectiveness and ROI. Reputable marketing vendors should be willing to share data that illustrates how their marketing efforts have evolved and improved over time. However, some vendors may be hesitant to provide this information, fearing it could expose potential shortcomings or a lack of consistent improvement.

Consistent improvement in marketing results is a positive sign, indicating that the vendor is actively learning and refining their strategies to achieve better outcomes for their clients. Avoiding this question might suggest a stagnant approach or a lack of transparency in their performance data.

Source: The Marketing Garage (

3. "What types of success have other businesses like mine seen with your product?"

Understanding the vendor's track record with other dealerships is vital in assessing their potential to deliver results. Vendors who have experience working with other dealerships are more likely to understand your unique challenges and opportunities. However, some vendors may shy away from sharing specific success stories, as it could expose weaknesses or lack of experience in your niche.

Learning about success stories from other dealerships can provide insights into the vendor's expertise and ability to tailor their strategies to suit the automotive industry. Avoiding this question may indicate a lack of relevant experience or a track record that is less than impressive.

Source: Digital Dealer (

4. "What metrics do you track, and how do you provide me with this information?"

Transparency in reporting and performance tracking is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. A reputable vendor should be open about the key performance indicators (KPIs) they track, the tools they use, and how they deliver performance reports. Some vendors may avoid discussing their reporting processes to hide inadequate or inconclusive data.

Access to comprehensive and accurate metrics empowers you to make data-driven decisions and gauge the success of your marketing efforts. A vendor that avoids discussing metrics may not prioritize data transparency or could be concealing underperforming campaigns.

Source: Digital Dealer (

5. Do you take a commission on expenses? And if so, what is the commission rate?”

Understanding the vendor's commission structure can help you assess their motivation for recommending specific advertising channels. This information allows dealerships to understand the financial incentives driving the vendor’s recommendations and decisions. Transparency about commissions helps establish trust and ensures the vendor’s advice aligns with the company’s best interests rather than being driven by their own financial gain.

Additionally, knowing the commission rate enables dealerships to accurately assess the overall costs involved and make informed decisions about budget allocation. By asking these questions, dealerships can make confident and informed choices when selecting marketing vendors, optimizing their partnerships for success.

6. "What separates you apart from the other vendors claiming to do the same?"

Knowing what sets them apart from their competitors allows you to compare their strengths and unique value propositions. Asking tough questions when evaluating marketing vendors is essential to finding the right partner for your dealership. By seeking transparency and honest answers, you can identify vendors who are adaptable, experienced, and data-driven. Don't shy away from asking these crucial questions, as they will ultimately help you make an informed decision and choose a marketing vendor that aligns with your dealership’s goals and values.

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