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2023 Pre-NADA Show

By: Kristen C., Senior Marketing Coordinator

Here we GROW AGAIN! 🤓✏️The Gurus are gearing up for our next conference. We will be heading to the annual NADA Show in Dallas, TX January 26-29 where we will spend four days listening to world-class speakers, demoing new products and technology, and networking with potential vendors to bring new opportunities your way.

The 2023 NADA show will cover various areas amongst 100-plus workshops and education sessions including Business Essentials and Innovations, Digital, Fixed Operations, Human Capital, Leadership, Marketing, and Variable Operations. In addition, they have introduced not one, but TWO super-sessions: The Future of Automotive Retail Roundtable and Best of the Best Ideas from NADA 20 Groups.

This year’s main stage speakers include Nikki Haley (Former Governor of South Carolina from 2011-2017), Greg Gutfeld (American Television Host), Deion Sanders (Head Football Coach at the University of Colorado Boulder), Michael Alford (Athletic Director for Florida State), and Geoffrey Pohanka (Head of Pohanka Automotive Group).

Can’t Go? We got you covered!

We are so excited to be participating in these interactive workshops with experienced professionals who offer a fresh perspective and real-world solutions. We look forward to bringing you the newest trends in the automotive industry!

Let us know what you might be interested in; whether it be a recorded demo, a breakdown of notes, or information on pricing, we GOT You!

Visit us at

Jonathan Thompson, Lead Guru | CEO email:

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