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2023 Mid-Year Company Meeting 🤝

By: Kristen C., Senior Marketing Coordinator

Earlier this month, the Gurus traveled from near and far to our headquarters in Atlanta, Ga for a mid-year company meeting where we focused on LEARNING and TEAM BONDING! 🤓🩵 As remote employees, we make it a priority to gather in person twice a year for a mid-year and end-of-year company meeting. This allows us to continue to build on our foundation to be the best we can be for our dealer and vendor partners.

Watch here to see why our employees love working for AMG and what they believe they are bringing to the table for our awesome dealer and vendor partners!

Without giving away too many hints… AMG has BIG things coming later this year 🤫🧑‍💻🎒

However, some areas we collaborated and focused on together are…

1. “My leads and sales are down; why?”

We are often faced with the dreadful question “Why are my leads and sales down?” and there are many reasons why this could be.

  • Inventory - Has your inventory (new or used) suddenly dropped off?

  • Spends - Have we decreased our marketing budget? Are we spending more money in ineffective areas?

  • Operations - Have we had a sudden change in staff? Are we short-staffed? How does our outbound activity look? Are we seeing an influx of negative reviews and experiences?

  • Website - How is our traffic? Do we have updated, quality specials? (Pre-Owned, New, and Service)

  • CRM - How are our lead sources looking? Have our leads dropped off?

There is usually not one specific reason for why leads and sales may be down, it is likely that it is a combination of a few.

2. Year-Over-Year and Quarter-Over-Quarter Analysis

Over the last few weeks, our dealers have begun receiving year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter analyses where we have compared marketing spending in 2022 vs. 2023 and quarterly marketing spending. We are utilizing this information to dive deeper into cost-per-sold and how our spending impacts our number of sold units. This will be a recurring quarterly task moving forward to help our dealer partners stay on top of their spending and areas of focus.

3. End-Of-Year Planning

At the start of Q4, we make proactive efforts to go ahead and plan out the following year. In a few months, we will begin planning out 2024. Our YOY and QOQ analyses will play a massive role in this planning as they will help us see where we might need to consider spending a little more or a little less based on the areas we need to focus more on.

Our mid-year company was a huge success, to say the least! Q3 is in full swing and we are excited to show you what else is to come in Q4! 😄

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Jonathan Thompson, Lead Guru | CEO email:

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