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Headed to NADA or NOT? We are looking for the BRIGHTEST in the AUTOMOTIVE MARKETING space to give their BEST IDEA to one of the two questions below for a chance to win up to




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contest details

Contest Details and Qualifications

FIRST - The WHY?  🧠 Our objective of this contest is to showcase some of the brightest and forward thinking minds in the industry - with a #BetterTogether philosophy - providing their ideas on WHAT they would do if they could save 20% of their marketing dollars or time spent managing and executing marketing!   We know that there are great dealers out there taking advantage of today's GIGANTIC DEMAND & GROSSES...BUT we challenge those seeing this success to creatively inspire and share the greatness of working-in and shopping-in automotive from the added/saved time & money.  And those of you that have already cut advertising expense and resources back - did you reallocate or just pocket?  Or are you planning for something bigger in the future? Are your marketing teams taking this opportunity to use technology to be more efficient, managing and executing marketing? 👨‍💻

We will select 10 finalists on March 4th, 2022 who will be invited to attend our GURU Experience event at the Aria Hotel and Casino on March 12th, 2022! Finalists will have five minutes to present their idea to the panel and the winner for each question will receive $250!

 BEST IDEA Questions:

1️⃣  What would you do if you saved 20% of your marketing dollars?*

2️⃣  What would you do if you saved 20% of your time spent on managing, executing marketing?*

*In both scenarios assuming that lead/customer/employee count stays the same

✅ In-Person or Virtual applicants accepted.

✅ Dealership Owner, General Manager, CMO or Automotive Marketing Director/Managers ONLY!  (We will check credentials to confirm)

✅ Must be a current active automotive dealer/dealer group team member.

✅ No Vendors Allowed - maybe next time.

✅ Presentations may be in any format.

✅ Presentations will be judged on: Energy, Creativeness/Originality, and Reality (Can it be done)

✅ There will be NO vendor presentations/pitches during this event.

On Saturday, March 12th at 4:45 PM, we will have a private limo escort the finalists over to the Aria Hotel and Casino to our Guru Experience Event.

All finalists will receive UNIQUE SWAG BAGS from our partners. And of course - Horderves / Drinks (Yup - Alcohol Included!) will be provided along with fun times, music and collaboration.

We know that many may have dinner and/or party plans, so we plan to be finished with the judging by 6:30PM, but you are more than welcome to hang until 8PM!

🤯 Are you READY TO BLOW SOME MINDS? And be a part of the #MOVEMENT?

Meet The Panel

Enter the Contest!

All applicants will be reviewed, and notified on March 4th, 2022. If selected as a finalist, further details will be provided. Review qualifications

Good Luck! We will get back to you shortly! We are excited to review!

enter now

Terms & Conditions:  Up to 2 applications per person. Applicant may apply for both BEST IDEA questions. Must be active Dealership or Dealership Group employee with a position of Owner, General Manager, CEO, COO, CMO, Marketing Manager, or Marketing Director. No Vendor employees eligible. If your position is similar or not titled as above, the Automotive Marketing Gurus team will review for eligibility. Up to 10 individual applicants will be chosen.  If applicant is not present during the Automotive Marketing Gurus Event on March 12th, they will automatically forfeit their eligibility.   Applicants information, content or activity will not be shared with any 3rd parties or used for any reason. Automotive Marketing Gurus may request to use applicants information, content or activity for advertising, marketing or sales purposes, and will not use unless approved by applicant.  Applications will no longer be accepted by March 4th, 2022 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. Automotive Marketing Gurus GURU Experience Event is not sponsored by any 3rd parties. Automotive Marketing Gurus is not a business affiliate of the National Automobile Dealers Association, J.D. Power & Associates, or Friendemic respectively. Applicants are not required to purchase any products or services. Automotive Marketing Gurus reserves the right to change, update, cancel the contest details at any time.

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